5 Extraordinary Outdoor Experiences, not to be missed, in the Geopark of Kefalonia & Ithaca.

Home to over 40 different geosites spread throughout Kefalonia, we’ve picked 5 outdoor experiences that visitors can combine while visiting Kefalonia.

  1. Caving

Believe it or not, Kefalonia is home to a number of spectacular caves that can be visited either alone or with the guidance of local experts. Devote a full day to visiting more than just one cave. Start off with Melissani lake cave, one of the most significant geological phenomena open to the public. Hop on small wooden boats and tour this underground lake. At noon the sun’s rays enter this underground world, giving it magical colour hues as the sunlight is reflected off the cave walls and the lake waters. Drogarati and Zervati caves are close by and can be toured around on foot at your own pace and comfort. The more adventurous can finish off their tour by visiting St. Theodore cave with the assistance of expert guides and up-to-date safety equipment as you enter the cave with ropes through its large roof opening. 


Zervati Cave
Taking in the breath-taking view

2. Aenos Summit

Aenos mountain is the highest mountain of the Ionian Islands and its dominating power overlooks the island. The summit can be reached by car and it’s a pleasant drive through the forest which houses an abundance of Abies Cephalonica. There are several viewpoints on the mountain but the summit will leave you in awe. On a clear day, the southern part of the island can be viewed with Zakynthos in the background. A lovely picnic area is situated in the middle of the forest with playground facilities for the little ones, just perfect for cooling down and taking in all the sounds and beauty that will surround you. 

3. Waterfalls of Gradou

If you visit the island during spring then this outdoor experience shouldn’t be missed. The waterfalls of Gradou are situated between Skala and Poros. It’s a gorge formed by limestones with many small waterfalls and small lakes along its path. The largest waterfall is about 18m high and it’s absolutely breathtaking. You can reach the Waterfalls of Gradou only by foot following a very pleasant path and be sure to pack a change of clothes as a jump inside one of the small lakes is very tempting, especially for enthusiastic kids.


4. Xi – “Mud Therapy”

Don’t be put off by the name of this beach. It’s situated in Lixouri and it’s just a short drive away from the small ferry boat terminal, to and from Argostoli. If you feel like experiencing something quite unique then a visit to this beach is a must. Due to the clay composition of the cliffs, which seem to have beneficial properties, this beach is perfect for “mud therapy”. Mixing the gray clay from the rocks with seawater creates a natural clay mask, turning the cohesive clays into mud, which can be applied directly to the skin, in small areas, or all over the body. Let it dry and then jump into the sea to wash it off. Your skin will be as soft as a newborn’s. Go ahead, try it and let us know what you think.

Hike to unspoilt Fteri
Mud Therapy in Xi beach

5. Hike to Fteri Beach 

Situated in the northern part of Kefalonia this beach will take your breath away. It can be reached by small taxi boats, but we advise you to lace up your hiking boots and follow the downhill path to the beach. Even though it’s a small hike, technically it is challenging, but the reward, in the end, will pay off. Make sure to pack water and a snack as there are no facilities and remember to take all your rubbish with you, leaving only your footprints behind.   


We guarantee these outdoor experiences in Kefalonia, will leave you wanting to return for more. 

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