5 reasons why you should choose Kefalonia !!

Kefalonia - Fteri Beach

So, you are looking for a holiday destination but you’re not sure where you want to go. You’ve narrowed it down to Greece this year but with so many islands to pick from, it’s overwhelming for you which one will suit your interests and needs. Well read on to find out 5 reasons why Kefalonia is perfect for you and begin the travel planning process simple and stress-free.

Melissani Cave

1. Spectacular nature.

Kefalonia’s beauty lies in its captivating nature, where blue meets green in breathtaking landscapes of never-ending splendour. It’s the largest island of the Ionian sea with an endless coastline suited for all needs and desires.

It’s geological morphology allows for adventurous exploration through trails, castles and caves. Melissani underground lake and Drogarati are the most popular caves but the island has numerous caves awaiting enthusiastic explorers.

Mount Ainos, which overlooks the whole island captures the interest of all nature seekers. Its dense forest inhabited by the native fir tree known as Abies cephalonica, sets a unique landscape for the island, with trails that will leave every visitor in awe from the breathtaking views. So, its by no means a holiday destination suitable for nature lovers and explorers.

2. Infinite beaches to select.

When it comes to beaches, Kefalonia has some of the best in the world. We’re sure you’ve heard of Myrtos, the exotic paradise in the north-west of the island. Most visitors pick Kefalonia as their holiday destination primarily for wanting to visit Myrtos beach.

But apart from this world renowned beach, Kefalonia has an array of beaches to offer. Whether you are a family with young children, a young couple, friends on holidays looking to enjoy beach bars or outdoor enthusiasts looking for those off the grid beaches, Kefalonia has a coastline available for everyone’s needs. Avithos is long and sandy, Emplisi has crunchy, fine pebbles, Makris Yialos is fully organised with facilities and others like Fteri are totally remote and even challenging to get to.

So, if you are worried whether Kefalonia will have a beach suitable for your needs, look no further as Kefalonia will definitely satisfy your every ‘beach need’.

Skala Beach

3. Locals who make you feel like one of them.

As a destination Kefalonia is filled with smiling people full of love and care, giving true meaning to the word “hospitality”. Every hotelier, concierge, restaurant owner and even experience makers will ensure your taken care with the out-most standard.

The locals are keen to share with you their local insights, making you feel part of the islands vibe. Children are made to feel at home and can be seen playing outdoors, chase, hide and seek and other childhood games in the main square in Argostoli, or even in the village squares, until the late hours. No one will complain and its part of local life to have children enjoying their summer evenings along with their parents.

As a holiday destination, Kefalonia and its locals will make you feel relaxed and well taken cared.

4. Unique gastronomy

Another reason to pick Kefalonia as your holiday destination, is for its gastronomy. In combination with its local products, Kefalonia’s gastronomy will definitely compliment your holiday experience.

Apart from indulging in local dishes, such as kreatopita (meat pie), skordalia (mashed garlic potatoes), strapatsada (eggs with tomato and feta), all produced with locally sourced produce, one can also buy and take back home products distinct to Kefalonia.

Organic honey with thyme aromas, olive oil of distinguished quality, Robola wine – native to Kefalonia’s terrain and sugar coated almonds (mandoles) are some of the local products that will leave your taste buds thirsting for more.


5. Mild climate

Finally, Kefalonia’s mild climate and its constant array of sunlight will allow you to spend holiday’s that will stay unforgettable. Even though during the summer months Kefalonia gets high temperatures within the day, the evenings are cooled down with the pleasant Ionian breeze complemented by the micro-climate of Kefalonia’s dense greenery.

Fun beach activities can easily be combined with pleasant evening strolls along the harbour promenade in Argostoli, Lixouri, Fiscardo or any other village that you decide to stay in. Off season too, the temperatures are relatively mild with showers on and off but perfect for those who wish to see Kefalonia from a different perspective and explore its mainland attractions.

That’s Kefalonia for you!! 5 reasons why it’s an island gifted with extraordinary charm and fascinating character. It’s no wonder, then, that people keep coming back year after year.

So, what are you waiting for…

Go ahead and book Kefalonia as your next holiday destination!!!


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