Ammes beach

Ammes beach is located in the village of Svoronata. It is very close to the tourist resort of Lassi and Argostoli. The small sandy beach with crystal clear shallow waters is popular in Kefalonia and is preferred by many locals and foreign visitors. The calm waters make it an ideal place for families with children.

Due to its location near the airport, it gives you the opportunity to watch the spectacular take-off and landing of airplanes while enjoying your swim.

Ammes beach is well organized and has umbrellas, sunbeds, canteen and shower. Near the area you can find restaurants and apartments / hotels for your stay.

The area of ​​Livathos is located south of Argostoli. The area is not far from the airport and offers many attractions such as the castle of St. Georges at the top of the hill with the village of Kastro and the monastery of Agios Andreas. The area of ​​Livathos also has some of the most beautiful beaches a short drive from the capital, Argostoli.

Nearby beaches are Abythos, Ai Helis and Lourdas.

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