An interview with a German-Greek: How the feeling “You’ll want to stay forever” became a reality.

“You’ll want to stay forever” is the claim for Kefalonia. But what is it like to stay forever in Kefalonia? We asked Ion, a German-Greek, who made this decision a few years ago.

Ion, you have been living permanently in Kefalonia for almost 3 years. Can you tell us a little about your experiences? 

I’ve known Kefalonia all my life, but mainly from holidays. Living here now gives me the opportunity to dive deep into life here, experience all seasons and get to know the island better. All I can say so far is that life here is wonderful! Let`s take for example the winter in Kefalonia. I would never have imagined how green the island is during that season. And yes, it can be quite rainy during these months, but the good thing is: After a few days the rain will stop and the sun comes out again! 


You mentioned that you got to know the island better.

Yes, definitely. During the summer holidays, I mostly spent time enjoying the beaches. Now I am exploring Kefalonia on hikes and tours by car. I am completely amazed at how versatile the island is and often I was surprised by what I discovered. I often believe that I am not in Greece but in other parts of the world. For example, the woods in Ainos remind me of the Austrian Alps. A walk at the Gero Gombos Lighthouse in the south of Paliki reminds me of the Highlands in Scotland and the color of the sea at Agia Kyriaki beach, of the Caribbean.  


You seem to spend a lot of time outdoors. What are your favorite activities?

Hiking is my preferred activity for sure. I use the official hiking routes, but also try to find new routes on my own. And because of the fact that Kefalonia is so big and beautiful, I believe that I only have seen a small part of it and that there is still a lot to discover. For the summer I have bought myself a SUP board and with that, I have the opportunity to explore unknown beaches. Every kind of watersport is amazing in summer as the sea is clear and the water warm.

What are your favorite 3 hikes in Kefalonia?

First of all, Fteri beach of course. I love that this beach is accessible only by foot or water taxi. You have to earn this beach somehow. But the reward is impressive: A long, white beach with clear blue waters. And if you take the hike early in the morning you might even have the whole beach to yourself! Then Ainos. I especially like to hike the mountain in the summer because the woods offer a cooling alternative to the heat at the beach. My number three hike is the area behind the village of Dilinata, if you are lucky, you might even see some deer there!


What other tips have you got for Kefalonia?

I would definitely recommend hiring a boat or to join one of the organized boat trips. Some of the over 100 beaches of Kefalonia are only accessible by boat and jumping into the sea from a boat is something special. Another tip: Come to Kefalonia in spring or autumn. It is not so hot and you will be amazed by the green landscapes!

A deer near Dilinata
Enjoying jumps into the clear blue waters of Kefalonia

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