Balsamata village

Going to the cathedral and the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos from the road Argostoli – Sami, you pass through Balsamata. It is the largest village in the beautiful valley of Omala and is located on the western slopes of Mount Ainos.

The village is known for the local festivities that take place there every year on August 16, which is its celebration Agios.

Because Balsamata is located in the area where the famous traditional white wine of Kefalonia, Robola, is cultivated, the theme of the festival is of course this wine.

In Balsamata and nearby Fragata village the celebrations last for two days and everyone can take part in the festive events. There is of course free wine in abundance, food and music for lots of dancing.

Saint Gerasimos is celebrated twice a year magnificently. On the 16th of August and on the 20th of October, which is the date of the name day. This means that everyone celebrates with the name Gerasimos in Kefalonia, and there is no family without at least one Gerasimos or a Gerasimoula!

The procession is attended every year by thousands of Kefalonians and visitors. Also, the menu in most homes for this day of the big celebration includes the Kefalonian meat pie, one of the most delicious and traditional dishes.

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