The city of Argostoli

 The picturesque city of Argostoli is built on the hills that surround the lagoon of Koutavos and the large natural harbor that is formed there. Argostoli was rebuilt after the […]

Korgialenios Library

The Korgialenios Library is located in the center of Argostoli and was founded by the legacy of Kefalonian Marinos Korgialenios in 1924. The current building has the same shape as […]

Kampanas Square

Walking along the shops on the main shopping street of Argostoli, Lithostroto, you will reach Kampana square. It is obvious that the name of the square comes from the bell […]

Central Square – Vallianou Square

While strolling through Argostoli, don’t miss Vallianou Square, the perfect place to enjoy a coffee, a refreshing beverage or a meal. Every evening the square becomes a meeting point for […]

Napier Garden

Just five minutes from Vallianou square, Napier Garden is a haven in the heart of Argostoli. Named after Charles James Napier, who served as governor of Kefalonia from 1822 to […]


You will be amazed by the sinkholes of Argostoli, which are a unique geological phenomenon that you can see on the north coast of the city. cracks in the land […]

The Lighthouse of Saints Theodore

Just a few kilometers from Argostoli, you can find one of the most famous trademarks of Kefalonia, the lighthouse of Saint Theodore. Situated on a man-made cape, Saint Theodore’s Lighthouse […]

Kefalos Theater

The Municipal Theater “Kefalos” is located in the center of Argostoli and is built on the same site of the old theater that was inaugurated in 1859 with “Traviata” by […]

Kefalonia Botanical Garden

In the Mediterranean environment of Cephalonia Botanica you will find a wide variety of Mediterranean plants. The importance of the garden is huge because Greece has few botanical gardens. The […]

The Archaeological Museum

The old museum was destroyed by earthquakes in 1953 and the new building was built in 1960. The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli houses exhibits dating from the geometric and ancient […]