Caving Tours

Kefalonia is home to a number of spectacular caves, including Melissani, Agalaki, and Drogarati. Massive stalactites drape the ceiling of Drogarati Cave, which is 37 meters deep and believed to […]

Melissani Lake Cave

Discover the magic of nature in Kefalonia’s subterranean realm. A true natural miracle unfolds before your eyes in the cave of the nymphs. This sublime underground cave-lake with crystal blue […]

Drogaratis Cave

Descend the steps and an atmospheric subterranean world awaits you. More than 300 years ago, a strong earthquake revealed the entrance to a miracle of nature: Drogarati Cave, a work […]

Zervati Cave

The Zervati cave in Sami. The Zervati cave, located in the area of Karavomylos, is 18 meters deep and 75 meters long. It has two small lakes on the shores […]

Abyss Cave of Agia Eleousa cave abyss with a vertical depth of 75 meters, orifice opening 20×12 meters and floor dimensions 50×30 meters. It is located about 2.5 km n. from the village of […]

Cave Ag. Theodoroi This cave is located in an area where there are several other precipices (Hiridoni, Sotira, Agios Eleousa, etc.) and was once a huge huge cave, which over the centuries […]

The cave abyss AGGALAKI The cave AGGALAKI, is located in an area (POULATA), where there is a large system of caves, which are not far from each other, in a straight line, only […]