Caving Tours

Kefalonia is home to a number of spectacular caves, including Melissani, Agalaki, and Drogarati. Massive stalactites drape the ceiling of Drogarati Cave, which is 37 meters deep and believed to […]


Cycling in Kefalonia causes unconditional love as the island has a lot of beauty to offer. From the beginning of April until the end of October cycling is the perfect […]


outdooractive platform – API Template Βίντεο Πληροφορίες Κανείς δεν μπορεί να εκτιμήσει πραγματικά την ομορφιά του νησιού, ενώ ταξιδεύει με αυτοκίνητο ή μοτοσυκλέτα. Θα πρέπει να περπατήσετε μόνοι σας τριγύρω […]