Kefalonia: A Paradise for hiking!

Do you like hiking? Well, then you should definitely consider a trip to Kefalonia and explore the various hiking trails the island has to offer. With its various landscapes, the blooming nature and breath-taking views, Kefalonia has established itself as one of the most exciting hiking destinations in Greece. So, go pack your hiking boots and discover together with us some of the most spectacular trails in Kefalonia:

  1. The king of all trails: Mount Ainos

Mount Ainos is the highest mountain of the Ionian Islands with an elevation of 1,628 metres. We proclaim Ainos as the king of all trails because here you will find a big variety of trails that you can hike, while enjoying the spectacular nature of the mountain. A lot of our visitors compare the vegetation of Ainos with the forests in the Alps. No wonder as the mountain is home to two very rare species, the Greek fir (Abies cephalonica) and the famous black pine (Pinus nigra), which both have a huge resemblance to the vegetation in the Alps. If you are lucky enough, you might get the opportunity to see another rare species: The wild horses of Ainos. To get a good overview of the hiking trails on Ainos, we recommend you visit the official page of the Kefalonia-Ithaca Geopark where you will also find additional information about Ainos mountain:

  1. Sami area: beaches, hills and chapels

Another interesting region for hiking is the area around Sami. This area provides a different landscape and trails of varying degrees of difficulty. One of the most popular hikes is from Antisamos beach to Koutsoupia beach. This hike demands a certain degree of fitness as it will take together almost 6 hours to reach Koutsoupia beach and back. But be assured you will be rewarded when you arrive. The turquoise waters of Koutsoupia beach can only be approached by boat or by foot and the shore has plenty of greenery to sit under for shade and re-energise. The other hikes around Sami will take you inland with hills, goats, chapels and old bridges along your path. Please check here for further information:

  1. Discover traditional Kefalonia in the north.

In the north of Kefalonia, around the village of Fiscardo there are additional hiking trails. Here, you will travel back in time and experience the “old” Kefalonia as this area wasn’t destroyed from the big earthquake in 1953 in comparison to other parts of the island. From the available paths we recommend the one from Emblisi to Kimilia:

  1. Fteri: the best beach in Europe!

Our last recommendation is the hike to Fteri beach. This beach has been rewarded by The Guardian as one of the best beaches in Europe, so this adventurous walk is definitely worth the effort. The starting point (google maps: is in the north of the Paliki peninsula, near Zola village. For the precise location we recommend putting the coordinates in your GPS. From there you will begin a 40 minute descent, following the painted dots on the rocks, that will guide you all the way to the beach. Fteri beach can only be approached by water taxi from the village of Zola or by foot. Its unspoiled scenery will compensate for the technical hike as the white cliffs and sand, combined with the crystal clear water will leave you in awe. We promise: This will be an unforgettable hike for you!

Hike to unspoilt Fteri
From Emblisi beach follow the path towards Kimilia beach

The above paths reflect only a small part of all the hikes you can walk in Kefalonia. There are uncountable options to explore the untouched nature of Kefalonia by foot. Please make sure to always wear appropriate footwear as the paths can be rocky occasionally. Also it is very much recommended to take enough water and snacks with you. With that, we end with one final question: When are you planning to come over to Kefalonia for a hike?

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