Drogaratis Cave

Drogarati cave is another natural marvel you can experience during your visit to Kefalonia. Descending down the steps, you will encounter an underground world of extraordinary beauty. Aged more than 150 million years old, Drogarati Cave was discovered when a huge earthquake unraveled its entrance.

Stalactites dangle like drapes from the roof while glass-looking stalagmites surface from the ground. A setting so otherworldly it will take your breath away.

Sala of Apotheosis”, the huge hall of the cave, was occasionally used for concerts as its acoustics are remarkable. Rumor has it that when Maria Callas toured the cave was so amazed by the unbelievable acoustics that she decided to give the first concert inside the cave.

When inside the cave, you’ll experience lower temperatures which is quite refreshing during the hot summer months, but also something to be prepared for during winter.

Drogarati cave is a sight not to be missed, a natural wonder that will leave you awestruck.

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