Quiz time

Having received such positive feedback from our first quiz, we decided to challenge again your knowledge about Kefalonia.

Let’s see how many answers you can get right this time!


#1. How did the Venetians call mount Aenos?

#2. Kefalonians like to sing serenades. What is the name used for this kind of music?

#3. What is Xi beach in Paliki famous for?

#4. What pie is famous in Kefalonia?

#5. How many municipalities does Kefalonia have?

#6. The patron Saint of Kefalonia is St. Gerasimos and that's why a lot of people from Kefalonia are named Gerasimos. What is the short version for Gerasimos?

#7. On the 15th August, in the village of Markopoulos, what creatures appear with a cross on their head?

#8. What do family and friends meet up to harvest from October?

#9. Which Hollywood production was filmed in Kefalonia?

#10. The watermill “Katavothres”, just outside Argostoli, transfers water to which other place in Kefalonia?


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