Castle of Agios Georgios

Also known as the Castle of Kefalonia, the castle was built 800 years ago on a hill 320 m. And at a distance of 7 km NA of Argostoli. The Castle has been the capital of Kefalonia for centuries. From 1500 the Venetian conquerors of Kefalonia built, in the 16 acres of the Castle, public buildings such as headquarters, residence of the Prophet and advisers, barracks, warehouses, prisons and tanks. Due to the excellent strategic location of the Castle and within a perimeter of 600 meters from walls, ramparts and watchtowers, on a clear day they could locate pirate ships up to a distance of 20 miles. The local population and nobles lived in the settlement (borgo), where there were built mansions, orthodox and catholic churches, schools where renowned teachers taught, etc. In 1757 the Venetians decided to move the seat of administration from the Castle to, insignificant until then, settlement of Argostoli with the aim of developing trade. The inhabitants followed with the result that the place fell into decline. The Castle has been partially restored and is a pole of attraction of the island. With the panoramic view of the sea, the mountain and Argostoli, it offers you a wonderful view of the area.

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