Opening Event

Lixouri Paliki , Greece

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Hiking/Trekking on Aenos Mountain

Aenos Environmental Center Aenos Environmental Center, Greece

Trail activity on FOREST TRAIL: Aenos Environmental Center to Chionistra. Trek on mount Aenos under the supervised guidance of our forest rangers and explore the natural beauty this island has […]

Kefalonia Bike Challenge

Poros greece

This cycling challenge is not a race.It's roughly over 100km and its aimed at athletes and hobbyists of all ages. The route covers a large portion of the island and participants […]

Ainos Mountain Marathon

Mount Ainos , Greece

42km run on the highest mountain of the Ionian sea. This race is aimed at experienced mountain runners as technical skills are required to endure the demading terrain.

Cycling for all the family (Lixouri Square)

Lixouri Paliki , Greece

Cycle from Lixouri to Lepeda with all the family. Experienced cyclists will give advice on the correct and safe use of the bicycles.