Foki beach

Foki beach is located just a few kilometers from the world famous Fiskardo village. It’s a quite small, but very charming beach, easily accessible, with stunning crystal clear waters and pebbles.

It’s an ideal location for families with young children as it’s isolated, calm and protected from wings and waves, but also its waters are quite shallow. Surrounded by lush vegetation, cypresses, pines and olive trees blend harmoniously with the white pebbles and the blue waters.

Foki beach was named after the Monachus monachus seals who frequently visit the bay’s azure waters. A secluded pebble bay that is idyllic for those looking for a quiet getaway on the beach, away from the crowds.

Several taverns are located near the beach, where you could taste traditional local cuisine after a refreshing day full of swimming and sunbathing.

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