How well do you know Kefalonia? A quiz on Kefalonia to get you in the mood!

In this blog, we want to challenge you with a quiz to test your knowledge about Kefalonia. For every question only one answer is right, so here we go:

1. The De Bosset bridge in Argostoli breaks a record for…
a. Being the longest stone bridge over the sea in the world
b. Being built in only 6 months
c. Being the deepest stone bridge in the sea in the world


2. The famous Melissani Lake was named after…
a. The numerous hives around that area (the Greek word for honey is “meli”)
b. A nymph from Greek Mythology called Melissanthi
c. Melina, a young girl from Sami found the lake on a walk


3. What was Lixouri called in the old days?
a. Small Paris
b. Small Venice
c. Small Kairo


4. Kefalonia is famous for its local wines. What is the name of the indigenous grape variety of the island?
a. Vostilidi
b. Assyrtiko
c. Robola


5. Who built the castle facing Assos village?
a. The Greeks
b. The Venetians
c. The British



6. How do most of the surnames of Kefalonian’s end?
a. -akis
b. -opoulos
c. -atos

7. What is the name of the most famous beach in Kefalonia
a. Mythos Beach
b. Mykonos Beach
c. Myrtos Beach


8. Who is the Saint (Agios) of Kefalonia?
a. Agios Gerassimos
b. Agios Giorgos
c. Agios Spyridonas


9. What is Caretta Caretta?
a. The Latin name of a tree species, growing on Mount Ainos
b. The Latin name of a herb, that grows only in Paliki peninsula
c. The Latin name of the turtles you can see in Argostoli


10. What is the average temperature of the sea in Kefalonia in August?
a. 22 degrees Celsius
b. 24 degrees Celsius
c. 26 degrees Celsius

Thank you for taking part in our small quiz. Let’s check now the right answers:

1: a

The de Bosset bridge is at 689.9 meters the longest stone bridge over the sea in the world.

2: b

According to Greek Mythology, the nymph Melissanthi threw herself into the lake, as God Pan did not reciprocate her love

3: a

Because it had a certain bohemian flair, Lixouri was named Small Paris in the old days

4: c

Robola is the grape variety that you will find mostly in Kefalonia. Make sure you try this delicious white wine!

5: b

The Venetian castle of Assos was built by architect Marino Gentillini between 1593 and 1596.

6: c

If you meet a Greek whose surname ends with -atos, chances are he is from Kefalonia. 

7: c

Of course, the name of the beach is Myrtos. If you thought Mythos was the answer you were probably thinking of your next beer at the beach.

8. a

The saint of Kefalonia is Agios Gerassimos. That’s why a lot of men in Kefalonia are named Gerassimos, or, to use the short version Makis.

9: c

Caretta Caretta is the Latin name of the sea turtle populated primarily in Kefalonia and on the neighboring island of Zakynthos.

10: c

The sea in Kefalonia invites you for a swim in August with a welcoming temperature of an average of 26 degrees Celsius.


How did the quiz go for you? We hope that even if you did not know many answers you had the opportunity to learn some interesting facts about our island. And if you answered most of the questions correctly: Congratulations, you are a true Kefalonian.

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Helen Christodoulou

What a lovely way to keep us on our toes about our beautiful island ???? Thank you! Looking forward to more snippets of general knowledge

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