Kastro Village

Until 1757 the historic village of Kastro was the first capital of Kefalonia and was built next to the entrance gate of the Venetian castle of Agios Georgios. When the Venetian conquerors of Kefalonia moved the island’s headquarters to the then insignificant settlement of Argostoli due to the large natural port that facilitated trade, the village declined. At that time the local population lived in the village (borgo) and the nobles lived in mansions. There were catholic and orthodox churches and schools where renowned teachers taught. On a visit to the Castle of Agios Georgios and taking a walk in the modern village you will see the remains of that time like the old churches. A few still stand up with the signs of time visible. The beautiful old Venetian church of Evangelistria (built in 1508), which is still at the end of the main road, is still in operation. The wonderful panoramic view of the sea, the mountain and Argostoli gives you a good picture of the area. The village has some restaurants / cafes where you will feel like you are on top of the world enjoying a cold beer and the enjoyable view!

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