Kefalonia Trails: useful instructions for hiking in the summer months

Kefalonia is an island filled with many trails and paths. The majority of them are carefully marked, but there are also plenty with no clear signage. In order to enjoy these trails and ensure your safety while visiting Kefalonia, we’ve compiled a small list of tips to keep in mind (especially during the summer months):

1) Avoid hiking during the hot hours of the day and alone

2) In case of serious danger call 112, which will immediately locate your location

3) Bring plenty of water, electrolytes and snacks with you (with high temperatures the risk of rapid dehydration, sunburn and heat stroke is high)

4) Essential to wear a hat and light colored clothes. Wear sunscreen and top up after several hours. The use of walking batons is very useful and hiking shoes are essential.

5) On unmarked trails and beyond, it is recommended to use a local mountain guide for your safety and to avoid risks of getting lost and encounters with wild dogs, snakes etc.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable stay in Kefalonia!

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