Kefalonian Tratarisma Quiz

On Saturday 15th June, Kefalonian Tratarisma will be hosted at Thalassomylo, Argostoli. It is a festival celebrating Kefalonia’s gastronomy and wine. Local producers and winemakers from around Kefalonia will showcase their produce, while renowned Greek chefs will create local dishes with locally sourced produce.

To get you all in spirit with Kefalonia’s food and wine, we have prepared a mini quiz to test your local knowledge.


#1. The word tratarisma is derived from the verb trátarõ which means to:

#2. Which is the most popular white grape variety grown on Kefalonia?

#3. What is the name of the small almond sweets, popular in Kefalonia?

#4. What’s the most popular type of honey produced in Kefalonia?

#5. One of the most popular dishes of Kefalonia is?

#6. In Kefalonia, garlic mash potato is known as?

#7. Kefalonia has a tradition in making this cheese from goat and sheep milk

#8. Does Kefalonia produce extra virgin olive oil?


We hope to see you ALL, Saturday 15th June at Thalassomylo, to celebrate together Kefalonia’s gastronomy!

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