Mount Ainos

MOUNT AINOS A Black Forest all year long, due to the unique firs’ species color. When on the island, one cannot miss out on the beauty of the imposing Mount Ainos and its National Park. Standing tall and solid above all, it provides shelter to rare and one-of-a-kind species of flora and fauna in scenery of untamed beauty. Hike your path through the tallest mountain of the island and walk among the lush vegetation in the deep green, Black Fir forest, which is covered with the unique endemic “abies cephalonica” fir trees. Adventure doesn’t stop here though! How about meeting the renowned wild horses? They will surely live you at awe. The gentle animals have survived for centuries in the wild nature, although over the years their numbers have shrunken. During a long hike more surprises are to come. Explore uncharted trails and mysterious lakes and caves of unrivalled beauty await you!

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