Outdoor fun in Kefalonia!

Activities worth considering for the whole family, while planning your visit to Kefalonia.


Visiting Kefalonia this summer with the whole family? Thinking of what fun-filled activities you can enjoy with all the family members. Well, we’ve compiled a list of exciting family excursions you can enjoy during your holidays in Kefalonia.

  1. Jeep Safari
You don’t need a desert or a rainforest to enjoy a jeep safari. Kefalonia is home to a unique national park situated on Mount Aenos. Hop on a jeep (numerous companies offer this tour) and go off-roading in places you never thought existed in Kefalonia. Combine a traditional Kefalonian picnic and your day will come to an end feeling completed.
  1. Kayaking
The shores of Kefalonia are filled with caves and coves waiting to be discovered. What better and more sustainable way than by kayaking coast to coast in different areas on the island? The double kayaks are super fun for kids as they can share with an older sibling or with one of their parents. Apart from coves and hidden beaches, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon seals within caves. A super fun activity worth doing!!
Jeep Safari on Mount Aenos
Caves that you'll come across while on a kayak
  1. Fishing tourism
A new addition to a boat trip, fishing tourism offers its guests the opportunity to witness firsthand how traditional Greek fishing boats go fishing. Step aboard a fishing boat and participate in the collection of nets and see the fresh fish being collected in front of your eyes. Then experience your catch being cooked on the spot and served as your fresh lunch. Children are fascinated by the variety of fish they see in front of them, with lobsters and starfish always leaving them in awe. While your meal is being prepared you can swim out to isolated beaches as the boat anchors for a few hours. An authentic Greek experience that you must definitely not miss. 
  1. Exploring beach trails
Kefalonia is home to numerous hidden beaches that can only be accessed by foot or by boat. We recommend a sustainable approach to visiting these beaches as walking through the numerous trails visitors also come into contact with historical and cultural attractions. Fteri, in the north of Kefalonia, and Koutsoupia in the area of Sami are the most popular beach trails each with varying degrees of difficulty but both of equal beauty. An important tip: in the hot months, July and August, it’s advised to avoid trekking as the increased temperatures are not to one’s advantage. The best period is May, June, September and October.  
  1. Cycling
Yes, Kefalonia is mountainous but there are many cycling routes that families can enjoy all together. The towns of Argostoli and Lixouri can be explored on a bike with many fun stop-offs, including wine and olive tasting, or even local produce shopping. In Argostoli you can start your route from Koutavos Lagoon and cycle all your way to Lassi, with plenty of cultural and historic attractions along the way. Many accommodations also offer bicycles to their visitors as a fun and environmental mode of transport to the local beaches and to the local mini-markets. 
The trail to Fteri
Cycling route along the coast line

So make sure when booking your holiday in Kefalonia that you at least consider one of the above family activities. We guarantee your family holiday will be unforgettable.

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