Platia Ammos beach

An excellent coastal landscape awaits, if you are ready to descend about 400 steps…

Platia Ammos beach in Paliki is truly a sight to behold and one of the best beaches you will find throughout the island. Immaculate, yet hospitable, it may bother you until you reach it, however, you will be rewarded as soon as you dive into the deep blue waters.

Nestled in the depths of a bay and surrounded by imposing rocks, Platia Ammos will cut you off breath with its wild beauty and its green vegetation. Small and large white pebbles are scattered all over the beach, while the vivid sunbeams give life to the sparkling waters. The calm that prevails completes the scene and is an idyllic place to indulge in absolute peace.

Platia Ammos is an unorganized beach and the rocks offer no shade, so take umbrellas with you! And do not forget to visit the Monastery of Kipouraion which is one of the most impressive monasteries of Kefalonia.

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