Ports - Information

Sami – connection via ferry lines all year round. Poros – connection via ferry lines all year round. Pessada – connection via ferry lines during the summer months only. Fiskardo – connection with coastal lines of other islands such as Lefkada (Vasiliki) as well as the well-known coastal lines of the country . Argostoli – Anchorage port all year round . Cephalonia is connected by ferry during the tourist season with the other Ionian islands: with the island of Lefkada (Nidri) from the port of Fiskardo Information: Fiskardo Port Authority: 26740-41400 with the island of Zakynthos (Schinari ) from the port of Pessada only during the summer season (May – October). with the island of Ithaca (Vathi and Pisaetos) from the port of Sami with the F / B Ionion Pelago. Information : 26740 22111 with the Lobster of Etoloakarnania (Western Greece) with the F / B Ionion Pelagos Information : Cephalonia: 26740 22111 – Lobster: 26460 38020 with Igoumenitsa from the port of Sami.
Port of Samis12-188-5μFuel by F.W.38.2509379 20.6427956
Port of Poros12-18Fuel by F.W.38.147956 20.778580
Pessada Port12-18Small fishing harbor with small depths38.108467 20.580311
Maistratos Marina3-2μ38.185335 20.485940
Lixouri Port12-188-2μFuel by F.W38.200527 20.440578
Κατελειός – Κόλπος8-2μ38.070908 20.756092
Fiskardo Port12-18Fuel by F.W.38.457252 20.590439
Agia Efimia Port9-1μFuel by F.W38.298997 20.600052
Assos – GulfBasic Facilities Fuel Station38.371170 20.553360
Argostoli Marina12-183,5-3μ38.172733 20.492077
Port of Argostoli12-186-2μFuel by F.W.38.175539 20.491423