You will be amazed by the sinkholes of Argostoli, which are a unique geological phenomenon that you can see on the north coast of the city. cracks in the land to be lost deep in the limestone rocks of the earth. Remains of this color appeared in the area of ​​Sami.

Thus it was discovered that after a two-week underground voyage these waters flow into the east coast of Kefalonia near Sami, the springs of Karavomylos and the lake cave of Melissani. During this journey, the water mixes with the rain water that is present in the cracks of the subsoil and thus becomes brackish. 19 0 century a mill operated here.

A walk along the coast from the center of Argostoli to the sinks takes about half an hour and is very pleasant. On the way you will find small beaches for a cool dip in the sea.

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