Skala Beach

Skala is located at the southeastern tip of Kefalonia about 42 km from Argostoli and the airport and 14 km from the also seaside village of Poros.

The large and organized beach with crystal clear waters makes the area and the village is the top tourist resort in the area where the hotels “touch” almost the sandy beach.

You can do water sports and the instructors of the diving school will help you to discover the seabed safely.

Every day small cruise ships depart from the beach making organized excursions to the neighboring islands of Ithaca and Zakynthos, as well as to Fiskardo in northern Kefalonia.

The sandy beaches of southern Kefalonia come every year Caretta caretta sea turtles to lay their eggs overnight in sand pits. Ecological groups that monitor the great ancient sea creatures, protect the nests with fences, as they belong to the vulnerable species of the animal kingdom. You will see the nests on the beach of Skala and especially on the nearby beach of Mounta. The small turtles hatch in about 55 days and are instinctively directed to the sea where they are led by the light of the horizon.

The wider area with the hidden coves and the abundant green has its own special character.

Nearby beaches are Aragia, Mounta, and Potamakia.

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