The Archaeological Museum

The old museum was destroyed by earthquakes in 1953 and the new building was built in 1960. The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli houses exhibits dating from the geometric and ancient times, the classical period, the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras. / p>

The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli houses the treasures found in the excavations around the island. In the three rooms of the Museum are exhibited findings from the mythical period to the Roman era.

In the first room we find instruments from the Paleolithic era, various objects from the Neolithic era, representative crockery, precious miniatures and ceramics. p>

In the second room are exhibited findings from the Mycenaean period, which is the most interesting for Cephalonia. Gold coins, bronze swords, vases, jewels and an Egyptian Scarab are some of the exhibits. of the four city-states Pali, Krani. Sami and Pronnus. You can see exhibits such as a tail, a marble head of Ceylon and a boat in the shape of a twisted head of an ally slave, dating to the 12th century BC

Among the most important exhibits is the bronze head of the 3rd c. E.G. and the plaque “Tripis Damatri Ke Kora” of the 6th – 7th century BC, dedicated to the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone.

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