The Best Things to do in Kefalonia on a day trip

The island of Kefalonia has so much to offer that it would never be possible to explore not only in one day, but even in a period of several days. So, let’s assume that you are a day trip visitor or that all you want from your vacation is to relax on the beautiful beaches, willing to spend just one day to see the island. Follow our steps and explore the best spots on a day trip to Kefalonia:
First, you need to start your day early in the morning and rent a car. Drive to the area of ​​Omala and visit the monastery of the Patron Saint, Agios Gerasimos, enjoying the green nature on your way there. In the Monastery, you can see the relics of the Saint, as well as the small underground cave where he lived his ascetic life.
400 m away from the monastery, stop at the Robola Producers Cooperative, see the vineyards and wineries and try Robola, the famous local wine. Continue your route in the direction of Sami and enjoy the natural landscape in the National Park of Ainos. Just before the city of Sami, in the village of Karavomylos, you should definitely visit the enchanting Cave of Melissani, take a boat ride and enjoy dreamy moments in the heart of a fascinating natural phenomenon.
Continue with your car to the picturesque of Agia Efimia, where you will find traditional cafes and taverns, an ideal place to stop and refill with energy. Then drive through the Pylaros Valley, reach the natural balcony above Myrtos and admire the stunning views of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Probably, it is sunset time, do not miss the opportunity to see the sun disappear in the Ionian Sea from there!
If there is a little time left before dusk, do not hesitate to drive down to the beach for a quick dip in the its turquoise waters. After sunset, take the coastal road to Argostoli, where you will be enchanted by the landscape of the west coast of the island. Finally, your next move will definitely be to arrange a trip back to the island for a longer period of time!

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