The City of Lixouri

Opposite Argostoli, the lively capital of Kefalonia, you will experience a different aspect of the island way of life and mentality, in the city of Lixouri. Lixouri is much more relaxing and relaxing than Argostoli, but equally charming and picturesque. The large square near the port is the center of daily life and entertainment, an ideal and safe place for families with young children . The humorous mood and unique temperament of the locals is reflected in the daily life of the city, adding a picturesque charm to the acquaintance with the area. If you come across a local traditional celebration in Lixouri, do not miss the opportunity to participate, eat, drink and dance, you will have an amazing time! Near Lixouri, you can find the organized beach Xi, known for its unique beauty surrounded by sandy rocks with bright red, healing clay and warm shallow water. Mix water and clay from the rocks to create a wonderful, natural clay mask, ideal for your daily spa treatment! Xi beach is a popular and quite busy family friendly beach, but in case you are interested in a less busy option, you can find exactly the same natural landscape very close to Megas Lakkos beach. The famous Petanoi beach, with clear blue waters and pebbles, offers a great swimming experience. Enjoy the amazing landscape that Myrtos fairly competes with in beauty and atmosphere and practice your diving skills by diving in the sea from the big rock at the eastern end of the beach. For romantic moments in Lixouri, you can visit the Kipouraion Monastery with Excellent sunset views or get off on one of the most beautiful beaches of the island below, Platia Ammos, a hidden, little known gem.

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