The monastery of Agrilia

Rested on a hill right above Sami, the Monastery of Argilion is one of the most important sacred places for Kefalonians. The monastery’s location is ideal for its breathtaking views of the greenish blue waters of Antisamos beach on one side and the villages of Sami and Agia Efimia on the other. Founders of the Monastery were two shepherds who came across a miracle-working image of the Virgin Mary in the same location in 1722. Jacob and Symeon decided to lead a monk life and were the first inhabitants of the monastery. It is reported that during his journey to Kefalonia, Saint Cosmas of Aetolia (1700-1779), also known as Father Kosmas Etolos, an Orthodox monk and significant figure of the Greek Enlightenment, lived at this monastery. The image of Virgin Mary discovered by the two monks is now part of a bigger icon of Virgin Mary (Panagia) Agriliotissa. On August 15th, there is a great panigiri (feast) in this monastery, and on August 24th, the memory of Kosmas Etolos is also celebrated.

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