Traditional products of Kefalonia that you should definitely try

What better way to get to know a place than through its traditional products and flavors? In Kefalonia, as in any other region of Greece, there is a variety of local products that are known for their quality, taste and uniqueness. Mandola is a traditional dessert that can only be found in the Ionian Islands and is one of the most famous traditional products of Kefalonia. This sweet delicacy is made from almonds and sugar, while the intense deep red color comes from a kind of seaweed, which the locals traditionally use in food coloring. The name of this dessert comes from the Italian word for almond, “Mandorla”, which was borrowed and incorporated into Greek, old when the island was under Venetian occupation.
Mandolato is another delicacy, the name of which also comes from the Italian word “Mandorla” (= almond). During the Venetian occupation, this dessert was considered a delicacy especially for the aristocrats of the region. It consists of almonds, honey, sugar and beaten egg whites into a meringue.
Pastokydono (Confetti): Long before chocolates and other modern sweets based on sugar, an autumn harvest sweet appeared in Greece, as the people of Kefalonia were lovers of quince. Thus, in early November, the quince harvest begins from the wild quinces that grow in the area of ​​Paliki. First, the fruit is sliced ​​and then comes the most difficult part of the process, with the quinces being peeled and peeled completely by hand. The fruit is then crushed, mixed with sugar and boiled. In the form of jam, it is enriched with roasted almonds and honey. This is how pastocidon is made, a very tasty and healthy dessert.
Thyme and Fir Honey are varieties of honey that thrive on the island due to its plant life and climate. Thyme honey is light in color and known for its quality, rich taste and aroma and is considered one of the best types of honey produced in Greece. On the other hand, Elatisio honey comes from the nectar of flowers and is of high quality and taste.
Robola wine, the Kefalonian drink! This deliciously crunchy and fruity wine is produced from grapes grown on the slopes of Mount Ainos and is a great acquaintance with the unique flavors of the island. Its characteristic aromas come from citrus flowers, peaches, lemon and apples. This wine accompanies perfect fish dishes, although the people of Kefalonia prefer it with almost any food or as an aperitif as well.
The most notable local dishes vary from pies to herbs and various types of meat: meat pie (pie with meat), cod pie (pie with cod), burbourelia (mixed legume soup), rabbit stew, strapatsada (egg) with egg with oregano and local feta cheese), garlic (melted garlic in mashed potatoes).
Of course, you can find a wide variety of high quality local dairy products, local virgin olive oil and organic agricultural products grown in the fertile Kefalonian soil.

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