5 essential products from Kefalonia to stock your winter pantry.

Slowly, the tourist season is coming to an end in Kefalonia. The last scheduled international flight leaves on October 28 and as we prepare for winter some local products can definitely warm you up, and bring some “Kefalonia” back to your homes.

Below we have put a list of 5 essential products that you can take back with you to stock your winter pantry and add some Kefalonian flavour to your kitchen.

Local Kefalonian Honey:

The rich plant life and unique climate, allow for Thyme and Fir honey to thrive on Kefalonia. So full in body, rich flavour, and clear colour Thyme and Fir honey are a winter remedy that you must surely take home with you. Either for breakfast, to be added in sweet and sour recipes, or even to complement your afternoon tea, Kefalonian honey is a must. Make sure when buying that it is well-wrapped in order to avoid spoilage. On a cold winter day that rich taste of Kefalonian honey will bring back sweet summer memories.

Oregano or Thyme:

The slopes of Mount Aenos are covered with Oregano and Thyme but so are many other areas around Kefalonia. Around mid-July locals set out in the early morning hours, to avoid the high temperatures, and collect fresh oregano and thyme. The collection ends with everyone feasting on a traditional riganada (dried bread soaked in freshly chopped tomatoes, olive oil, and of course oregano). The locals will then dry the oregano in small bouquets and store it safely for the whole year. Small packets of either oregano or thyme can easily be transferred back to your home and just like that the strong, fresh aroma can complement your winter recipes.

Olive oil:

No Greek household is complete without olive oil. So as a true Greek enthusiast, and even more as a true Kefalonian lover, you must ensure to take back home some local olive oil. Olive keeping and picking is a family ritual for most locals, which inevitably ensures the quality of the olives produced and the oil. Being the healthiest product among vegetable oils its presence is essential for a balanced diet. So make sure to buy some bottles of local olive oil or even arrange with a local business to ship some back home for you.

Aromatic oregano

Local Cheese:

Kefalonia has a variety of cheeses, primarily made from sheep’s or goat’s milk, but the favourite of all is the local feta. Even though Kefalonian feta may not be PDO, it is of excellent quality and a very much sought-after product. Other cheeses such as gruyere, soft white cheese, and yellow hard cheese are excellent options too. Kefalonia has many dairy units all over the island and a lot of retailers can provide vacuumed sealed packaging for the safe transport of some local Kefalonian cheese back home. Picture yourself with a glass of red wine on a cold winter evening, indulging in some cheese from your favourite Greek island, Kefalonia. 

Robola Wine:

And of course, pantry stock up from Kefalonia is only complete with some local Robola wine. With 7 wineries to select from, make sure you take back home your favourite. Apart from complementing your dinner parties, it adds a touch of freshness to many recipes too. Many retailers can bubble wrap your bottles but if you are travelling with hand luggage, then ask who their distributor is in your home country or arrange a courier shipment of your favourite wines back home.

Cheese plater
White wine, Robola
Just like that, you will manage to take back home a “taste” of Kefalonia to keep you company and to maintain a close tie with Kefalonia, your favourite holiday island.

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