Central Square – Vallianou Square

While strolling through Argostoli, don’t miss Vallianou Square, the perfect place to enjoy a coffee, a refreshing beverage or a meal. Every evening the square becomes a meeting point for locals and tourists and also brimming with children playing in a completely safe environment as the square is entirely for pedestrians. The square was named after the Kefalonian and national benefactor, Panagis Vallianos, whose statue you will see on the square.

Throughout the summer, a variety of cultural activities, dance events and music concerts liven up the square in the evenings. Important part of the Kefalonian music culture are the Kefalonian kantades, traditional songs played with guitar and mandolin, an event you will definitely experience regularly every summer.

Very close to the square, you can find the city’s museums, the shopping street Lithostroto, cafés and restaurants.

For every film buff out there, cine Anny, an open-air cinema right next to the square, is the ideal setting for enjoying a great movie under the night sky.

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