Embili Beach

While touring around Fiscardo, Emblisi beach is really close and definitely worth a visit. A stunning cosy bay with beautiful waters, Emblisi beach is surrounded by amazing scenery.

You can either reach the beach on foot or by car. Walking to Emblisi should take you about 40 minutes. The trek is not easy because it’s mostly uphill on both sides of the route. There’s also the possibility of a taxi ride to the beach from Fiscardo.

White flat pebbles might make your plunge into the sea a little bit tricky, but the azure blue waters will certainly reward you. You should also bring your snorkelling gear with you, as the magnificent seabed around the rocks will dazzle you.

While there’s a canteen on the beach, remember that Emblisi is not an organized beach overall, so it might be a good idea to carry with you food and beverages.

In typical weather situations, the bay is protected and safe for children. But you should keep in mind that it can get quite windy.

The flat rocks on both sides of the bay are also great for sunbathing, sometimes even more comfortable than lying on the beach.

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