Kampanas Square

Walking along the shops on the main shopping street of Argostoli, Lithostroto, you will reach Kampana square. It is obvious that the name of the square comes from the bell tower with the clock that adorns this square.

Today it is a nice atmospheric square with cafes and shops, but back in 1797 this historic and first square of the city was the main stage of one of the important historical events in the turbulent history of the island. Here the French troops that entered Kefalonia, burned the Libro d’Oro (the “Golden Book” was the official list of nobles in the Republic of Venice to which the Ionian Islands belonged until then).

As a result of French Revolution, in 1797 the Venetian rule in the Ionian Islands ended, when they were occupied by the democratic French forces. In general, this change was welcomed with great joy, because it caused the end of the privileges of the aristocracy and the advent of equality for all citizens.

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