Karavomylos village

Karavomilos is a lovely fishing town located 1 km from the harbor in Sami’s west. The town is close to some of Kefalonia’s most notable natural attractions, so it is an extremely popular tourist spot. Drogarati cave as well as Melissani cave are a few minutes away from Karavomilos. The Drogarati cave, with its unusual stalagmites and stalactites, is particularly stunning. A concert may easily be held inside as the cave’s acoustics resemble those of ancient theaters. Melissani cave, an underground lake, is one of the most impressive sights of the island, not to be missed.

Karavomilos also has a small lake located next to the sea surrounded by lush vegetation and inhabited by ducks, geese and fish. This magnificent spot has a taverna where you can enjoy spectacular views of the lake on the one side and sea on the other.

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