Kourkoumelata village

Kourkoumelata in the area of ​​Livathos is a real jewel of the island with houses surrounded by gardens. The village has a fantastic view of Livathos and the sea.

The fact that Kourkoumelata is visually different from the other villages of Kefalonia is due to the fact that they were completely rebuilt after the earthquakes of 1953 with a donation from the shipowner and a large benefactor Georgios Vergotis, who came from Kourkoumelata. The reconstruction was done with Swiss influences resulting in a good road plan, comfortable public spaces and neoclassical architectural features. The residents of the village were given ready-made houses as a donation.

One of the most famous parts of the village is the building of the foundation “Georgiou & amp; Maris Vergoti “, an impressive neoclassical where cultural performances of all kinds are organized.

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