Kefalonia is traditionally a commercial island where over the years it is evolving. Today it has a wide range of shops and products scattered in different parts of the island, giving visitors who love shopping a special experience.

In Argostoli, the capital of the island , you will find Dozens of shops and all the services that the visitor may need.

In its central market (Antoni Tritsi Street, the beach) look for local products of the island, the unique varieties of cheeses, herbs and spices, sweets of spoon and thyme honey, local liqueurs, special wines and of course fresh bread and fruit.

Along the main road of the port there are tourist shops.

Going up the Street Sitemoron, which is the main shopping street, you will find a series of shops of branded clothes, shoes, electronics and accessories.
The central meeting point of all those who love shopping is the Cobblestone.

A road flooded with small or large shops, where you can find wooden crafts, ceramics, traditional and handmade linen, embroidery, textiles and scarves, hats and decorations, small furniture, souvenirs and classic souvenirs and local products of the island.

Of course not There is a lack of shops with modern jewelry, clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, t-shirts and much more. In the coastal areas, seafood shops play a leading role, along with restaurants, taverns and bars and cafes.

The location of the markets in various other parts of the island, such as Lixouri, Sami, Skala, Fiskardo, Assos and Ag. Efimias.

Wherever you choose Kefalonia, be sure that its market will have products for all tastes and budgets, so that you can be carefree and enjoy your vacation!

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