Village of Katelios

Katelios is a fishing village in southern Kefalonia that is in perfect harmony with nature. That is why it is an ideal place for nature lovers. You will find in abundance the (aromatic) plants, birds and sea turtles Caretta caretta in the area.

Agia Varvara beach is the main beach and is located in a pristine area where its most loyal visitors are the sea turtles! Turtles love this sandy environment and its shallow waters to lay their eggs in sand pits in summer. You will see the nests fenced for protection.

Katelios is famous for its fish taverns. And after a great meal, what better than a walk on the quiet beach under the starry sky?

For many visitors Katelios is the place to “recharge their batteries” and return each year simply because they love him.

Katelios is located near the resort of Skala and a 45-minute drive from Argostoli and the airport.

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