Cave Ag. Theodoroi

This cave is located in an area where there are several other precipices (Hiridoni, Sotira, Agios Eleousa, etc.) and was once a huge huge cave, which over the centuries and the geological changes that the area has undergone (earthquakes, precipitations). ), now have the form we know today…

The image of the visiting speleologist descending to Ag. Theodoros is magical…. Rich vegetation, large trees, shrubs, various birds that have made their nests on the vertical walls, make you feel that you are in the middle of a rainforest and compose an image that is completely different from the one outside the cave in the surrounding area. …

At the end of the land part of the cavern after a very steep descent, there is one of the most beautiful parts of the cave… It is a beautiful amazing blue-green lake with brackish water, as are the rest of the caves in the area , whose depth reaches – 24 meters.

Given the opportunity, you should not miss to visit the Cave of Melissani, a memorable sight that causes awe.

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