Kefalonia in spring: an island in bloom!

Green meadow in Leivathos

Many people know and love Kefalonia in summer. But have you ever thought about visiting our wonderful island in spring? Believe us, it’s worth it.  At this time of the year, Kefalonia glows in natural beauty: it’s blooming in wildflowers, vivid green colours and pleasantly warm.

Like all the Ionian Islands, Kefalonia is a particularly green island with rich flora. This is mainly because the climate on the western side of Greece is very different from that of the Cyclades or the Aegean. The winter months in Kefalonia have heavy rainfall, which provides fuel and perfect conditions for plants to grow in the first few months of the year. 

In spring, the full splendour of nature’s flowers is revealed. Not only are there green meadows to warm your heart’s desire, but wildflowers sprout up everywhere and transform the island’s landscape into a colourful palette. An array of colours that alternates almost weekly. For example, the carpet of infinite white daisies is quickly replaced by vivid red poppies. A real feast for the eyes!

But the awakening of nature can also be seen in the trees. The almond trees are the first to blossom, followed by the numerous fruit trees showing their first buds and filling the air with their sweet essence, the most common orange blossom.

Wildflowers of Kefalonia
Nature's colourful palette

This mood of awakening in nature is passed on to the inhabitants of Kefalonia too. In spring, the first festivals are celebrated and people come together in the villages and towns to celebrate the famous Kefalonia Carnival. The carnival parades of Lixouri and Argostoli are famous throughout Greece for their “Kefalonitiko” humour and are attended by many people from all over Greece.

Once the carnival period comes to an end, the period of fasting for Easter begins. After 40 days of lent, the biggest religious festival in Greece is celebrated: Easter. It is a time when the whole family and close friends come together and enjoy year-old cultural and religious traditions. 

Top tip: Kefalonia is a completely different island in spring that you must try to visit and experience! Go ahead and book a mini break to Kefalonia this spring. You won’t regret it!

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