The Cyclopean Walls of Ancient Krani

Three kilometers east of Argostoli on the road to Sami, are the ruins of ancient Krani with its citadel. Ancient Krani was one of the four city-states that constituted the “Kefallinian tetrapolis” (500-200 BC). The mountains were the natural boundaries between the four cities of the island, which maintained their political and economic independence. had their own coins and were in rivalry with each other. The Cyclopean walls are made of theoretic boulders dating from 7 0 – 6 0 century BC The name “Cyclops” was given in the past by the Greeks because they believed that they were made by mythical beings Cyclops. Ο road to the archeological site is marked (just before the village Razata) and is an easy walk. It is worth seeing how the ancient Greeks built large walls from these huge, carved stones: even today with advanced technology at our disposal it would be an admirable achievement. On the southern and western slopes of the hills develops amphitheatrically city ​​of Krani which has a rudimentary road plan while it is crossed by a main road. In the northern foothills of Kastelli hill there is a sanctuary dedicated to Demeter overlooking cereals and agricultural production.

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