The city of Argostoli

 The picturesque city of Argostoli is built on the hills that surround the lagoon of Koutavos and the large natural harbor that is formed there. Argostoli was rebuilt after the […]

Melissani Lake Cave

Discover the magic of nature in Kefalonia’s subterranean realm. A true natural miracle unfolds before your eyes in the cave of the nymphs. This sublime underground cave-lake with crystal blue […]

Drogaratis Cave

Descend the steps and an atmospheric subterranean world awaits you. More than 300 years ago, a strong earthquake revealed the entrance to a miracle of nature: Drogarati Cave, a work […]

Monastery of Agios Gerasimos

St. Gerasimos is worshipped in Kefalonia as the patron saint and the Monastery in his name is a beloved and blessed place for Kefalonian people. Saint Gerasimos’ remains are kept […]

Monastery of Agios Andreas

The Monastery of Agios Andreas was founded in 1587 by Countess Roxani. An image of St. Andrew was found under an apple tree and so the monastery got its name […]

De Bosset Bridge

One of Kefalonia’s most notable and historical landmarks, the stone De Bosset bridge (or Drapanos Bridge) with its distinctive arches, can be found at Argostoli. It is the longest stone […]

Central Square – Vallianou Square

While strolling through Argostoli, don’t miss Vallianou Square, the perfect place to enjoy a coffee, a refreshing beverage or a meal. Every evening the square becomes a meeting point for […]

Sea Turtles Caretta Caretta In addition to the lovely sandy beaches, crystal clear deep seas, and breathtaking sceneries, there is another reason to visit Kefalonia, especially if you’re a wildlife lover. And the […]

Napier Garden

Just five minutes from Vallianou square, Napier Garden is a haven in the heart of Argostoli. Named after Charles James Napier, who served as governor of Kefalonia from 1822 to […]


You will be amazed by the sinkholes of Argostoli, which are a unique geological phenomenon that you can see on the north coast of the city. cracks in the land […]